We believe that every child is a precious gift from GOD. Each and every one of them is a special little creation with unique temperaments, interests, capabilities, needs and talents. We treasure all children and their individuality.

Here, our children can be confident that their existence is personalized, their ideas are heard, their initiative is allowed and their attempts are encouraged. Naturally, their inborn creativity, vivid imagination and inexhaustible curiosity will be nurtured.

We realize that a pre-school is not only the place where children learn alphabet and numbers, shapes and colors. It is also the very place where they first come in contact with their big wide world. As a quality gateway, we provide them with the opportunities to develop their motor and language skills along with their decision-making, problem-solving, planning, communication and social skills. From here, they will pick up the skills that will take them further in life.


Since, for the children, TALENTS INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL represents the world where they get to meet and mingle with people who are different in appearance, thinking and background, it is here that they are encouraged to be considerate, to share, to lead and to be supportive. We aspire to take pride in watching them grow and become contented, caring, responsible, confident, and talented citizens of the world.

TALENTS INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL promotes quality growth and cares about all aspects of development: physical, mental, emotional, and moral. To ensure this, we provide beautiful and safe surroundings, spacious clasgrooms, small class size, qualifed and dedicated teachers, pleasant and caring staff. Snacks and meals are nutritious and delicious.